Ready to exit the classroom, but unsure of where to start?

Learn how to make a smooth transition from the classroom to the corporate world. 

You're ready to exit the classroom, uncertain about your next steps

We're here to help! 

With a combination of 20+ years of experience in the classroom and 25+ years of experience in the Career Services Industry, Alana and Danielle are here to guide you on your journey out of the classroom and into a new, fulfilling career.


Our Teachers in Transition Webinar series is teaching burned out and frustrated teachers how to:

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Gain confidence and clarity on the

next chapter of their career

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Create a winning job search strategy that lands more interviews

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Access the hidden job market by building a powerful network 

Develop a personal brand that instantly gets noticed

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Craft a resume that highlights their transferable skills + experience

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Ace upcoming interviews with practical advice, tips, and tricks

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Alana Henry

Danielle Holmes

Owner and Editor-In-Chief of The Writique, the top-rated resume writing service in Kansas City, MO

Alana is a former high school English teacher and Teach For America alumna. She successfully transitioned from teaching to owning her own business, obtaining a MA in Executive Leadership. Leveraging her classroom experience and staff of several former teachers, Alana has helped many educators start new career paths.

Owner and Chief Resume Writer of Career Services by Elle, an award-winning resume writing company in Philadelphia, PA.

Danielle is a transitioning teacher with 13+ years of experience as an English/Writing teacher. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Literature and an M.Ed. in Secondary Education. In addition to being a transitioning teacher, she has 15 years of experience creating powerful resumes that showcase the value her clients bring as they prepare to change or pivot careers.


Upcoming Teachers in Transition

May 3

Finding Your Next Fulfilling Career + Creating a Fool-Proof Job Search Strategy

What career is right for me?

And how do I create a job search strategy?

A webinar designed to position you for success! The Finding Your Next Fulfilling Career + Creating a Fool-Proof Job Search Strategy webinar will walk you through the process of creating a plan, setting goals, narrowing down career options, and developing a solid job search strategy.

July 12

How to Network with Confidence + Build Your New Brand (Outside of Teaching)

How do I reinvent myself?

And how do I build a strong network?

You're more than a teacher! Learn how to transform your personal brand to get the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Alana and Danielle will also be sharing tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you master the art of networking.


Resume Writing + Interviewing Strategies that Get You Hired

How do I create a resume that gets noticed?

And how can I prepare to crush my interviews?

Get ready to land your dream job! With a combination of 25+ years of resume writing experience, Alana and Danielle, you'll be able to learn from the experts how to create an interview-winning resume. Also, we'll be sharing tips and strategies to help you prepare for your upcoming interviews!


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The Classroom to Corporate Blueprint is the ultimate solution for teachers who are ready to accelerate their transition into a new career.

If you've spent most of your career in the classroom, preparing for this transition probably has you feeling overwhelmed, nervous, and stuck.

You're unsure of how to navigate the process of going from the classroom to Corporate America. Then add to that the pressures of narrowing down career options, creating a job search strategy, networking, and transforming your personal brand....all while dealing the day-to-day struggles of being a teacher.

Instead of fumbling through google to find conflicting and confusing answers, we created the blueprint that will help you navigate your transition from the classroom to Corporate America. 

The Classroom to Corporate Blueprint comes with...

Career Map Template A template created to help you easily outline how you will take your career from the classroom to Corporate America. 

Tough Interview Questions - Practice makes perfect! This guide and list of tough interview questions will help you prepare for your upcoming interviews.

Job Search Strategy Template - Designed to help you stay organized, focused, and ready for success! This template will help you create a winning job search strategy.

Networking Scripts - A guide and scripts to help you effectively leverage your network into the next chapter of your career.

Translating Educational Jargon - This worksheet was created to simplify the process of translating your educational jargon into corporate language. 

Target Company List - Ready to speed up your job search? This workbook will help you create a target company list so that you're ready to apply for the jobs at the companies you want to work for!

FREE BONUS #1: Action Verb List A list of action verbs that will help you instantly grab the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. (Value - $85)

FREE BONUS #2: Top Career Options for Transitioning Teachers  We've compiled a list of careers that teachers can easily leverage their skills and strengths to pivot into. (Value - $105)

Feedback From Our Webinar Attendees...

I had become discouraged and was thinking about going back to teaching because it's been hard transitioning. This is so helpful!

Sarah R.

Trusted experts with combination of 20+ years of experience in Education and 25+ years of experience in Resume Writing & Coaching


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